Thea Marx

Pathfinder | Projects Management

Raised on a Wyoming ranch in the middle of the Wind River Indian Reservation has given my life a unique perspective. One of deep insight into life and death, hard work and what it means to live in tandem with nature. Yearning to be a naturopathic physician began as a dream more than a decade ago. Stepping into that dream at the University of Bridgeport as a part of Dr. D’Adamo’s Pathfinder program is seemingly ethereal. I am an outspoken proponent of his ABO blood type protocol and continue to practice it faithfully as I have for twelve years.

I came to University of Bridgeport from Cody, Wyoming where I had a successful consulting business. My undergraduate degree is in Marketing with a minor in Psychology. I have extensive experience in event planning and management, non profit administration, publishing and hospitality. My speciality was in turning failing businesses into successful ventures. My greatest accomplishments have been raising my daughter to be a respectful, kind human being and dedicating eleven years of my life to caring for my grandmother from her late 80’s until her death at ninety-eight and a half.

A love of naturopathic medicine has permeated my life for years. Gaining the opportunity to learn and grow under the umbrella of UB and Dr. D’Adamo in the Pathfinder program is exciting. The future holds much promise and I am open to the opportunities that await.