Mackenzie Mitchell

Pathfinder | Applications design and engineering

My name is Mackenzie Mitchell. This year I began my 4-year journey through naturopathic medical school and I am filled with excitement about what the future holds. I always knew I wanted to contribute to the medical field in some way, but I wasn’t exactly sure what my skills were and where I could help the most. As an undergraduate, I studied Biomedical Engineering (BME) and German through the International Engineering Program at the University of Rhode Island (URI), earning two bachelor’s degrees. URI has an electrically focused BME program, so I have been trained to design and construct medical devices. For my capstone project, my team and I developed a teaching tool that can be used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help practitioners-in-training distinguish between the 28 different patterns in pulse diagnosis.

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During my fourth year (of five), I had the incredible opportunity to live in Germany, where I studied at Technische Universität Braunschweig for a semester and interned at Siemens AG for six months. During this experience, I became professionally proficient in German, enabling me to tutor students in the program upon my return to America. Germany is where I discovered my destiny to become a naturopathic physician. More than 70% of German practitioners prescribe herbal medicines, any Apotheke (pharmacy) you visit offers a wide variety of natural remedies, and the majority of Germans understand that your health will improve with diet and lifestyle changes. Although naturopathic medicine is present in America, it isn’t nearly as prevalent as it is in Germany. My mission is to popularize naturopathic medicine in America. I truly believe that Dr. D’Adamo and his team of Pathfinders will have great success in accomplishing this by marrying technology with natural medicine. I am honored to be a part of this revolutionary team.