Emily D'Adamo

Pathfinder | Data analysis, acquisition and mining

My name is Emily D’Adamo. I’m a first year naturopathic student here at UB, and a Pathfinder at the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine.

Naturopathic Medicine has provided a rich backbone for a significant portion of how I see and experience the world, and growing within a naturopathic household has imparted a certain quirky and curious healing spirit within me. After receiving a B.S in Bioethics and Psychology, I quickly saw that no other profession would allow me to so harmoniously fuse rigorous science with art, creativity, humanity, and individuality, and I became dedicated to pursuing a career as a naturopath. Today, I very peacefully feel at home here at UB, and as a Pathfinder: an invigorating and challenging space within which I may learn deeper.

I hope to untangle the web of idiosyncrasies that lie embedded in the human genome, and contribute to methods that I will carry with me as a naturopath - allowing me to provide the most encompassing care to treat individuals at every increment of the life span. I see precision medicine, and the data-driven tools being developed here at the COE, as the future crux of every successful practice. I am humbled to have the opportunity to delve into learning and producing the means for patients to receive the most individualized, predictive care possible, and to share it with my peers and the greater community.

I join my fellow pathfinders in this journey with much gratitude and dedication, and am inspired to uncover what lies ahead of us.