Anthony Pascucci

Pathfinder | User Interface and graphical display of information

This is a first for me. I sit writing the text you are now reading... a bio; as well as the code behind it which permits said text to appear on this website. It's all part of a grand adventure - that of being a "Pathfinder." But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's rewind.

My name is Anthony. I was born in northeast Pennsylvania, where I lived for the first thirty-five years of my life. A lot was brewing in those years. I was developing first as an artist - working in photography, cinematography, writing, graphic design - skills I learned at Penn State University. And I honed those skills working on independent films, but also via the corporate world, using those skills to work for a marketing and advertising department for a health care system. But first and foremost, I developed those skills the best way anybody can develop any skill... by doing it for fun, and out of the love of doing it. It is in those circumstances that one can shed any limitations and expectations, and just play. Figuring out how to accomplish things you hadn't seen done before, or that you didn't know how to do. Creative problem solving is all about starting with a vision, and figuring out how to reverse engineer the situation until you can manifest whatever it was that you saw in your head that made you excited. In my time in health care, I saw how big hospitals were run, while dealing with my own health issues. I was left feeling disenchanted, to say the least. "Surely, there must be another way," I thought. The other way that I found ended up being naturopathic medicine. It spoke to me. In every way that art ever had, and then some. Medicine is an art, just as much as it is a science. Many of the same skill sets are utilized... starting with a vision, creative problem solving, and team work, to name a few. The same goes for coding, to bring us back to my current experiment.

But how did I get HERE? How did I end up a naturopathic medical student in his second year who is *GASP* writing code? I decided to quit my corporate job and return to school to pursue naturopathic medicine, this time for Medical Science, with minors in Chemistry, Advanced Clinical Nutrition, and Psychology. I applied and was *THANK MY LUCKY STARS* accepted into the University of Bridgeport School of Naturopathic Medicine. Why do I feel so lucky to attend UB? I wouldn't have known this at the time of applying, but it turns out that the program has teachers and clinicians who are not only simply amazing at what they do, but they are just as incredible as human beings. I learn so much from my teachers daily, not just about medicine and what it is to be a physician, but about life and what it means to be a person. They never cease to inspire me. But like I said, I didn't know that when I applied. What I did know, and the reason why UB was my first choice is that UB is the home of Dr. Peter D'Adamo's Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine - something that excited every nucleus in every neuron that fires in my brain. The door to the COE is not really open to limitation and expectation. It's a place where minds are open and beaming and buzzing with energy. For you see, Dr. D'Adamo's Center of Excellence is the headquarters of the Pathfinders - a select group of students whose mission statement is to be an innovation factory, churning out the ideas and tools of tomorrow that are going to evolve the profession, and dare I say medicine itself. Lofty goals. Really 'shooting for the stars' type of stuff. But that's really what being a pathfinder or trailblazer has historically always meant. And that's our impetus. There are new paths out there to explore, new ideas to be had. New visions to reverse engineer, creatively solve, and manifest into being, when others thought them not possible. And that's our goal. And the first step for me starts with the humble beginnings of strategically placing letters and dashes within brackets in just such a way that these words will display on your screen for you to read. With any luck, along the way of my journey and that of my fellow Pathfinders, we will excite you, inspire you, turn you on to new possibilities, and show you a glimpse of the new paths which naturopathic medicine, nay, medicine will travel. But every great adventure begins with the first modest steps. Every grand embarking begins with a simple notion. What you have just read is the beginning of that notion for me. The seed from which more will grow.